Welcome back to the series !

This section is gonna be the most fun and interesting to you because we’re going to learn important concepts in any software which are

  1. Creating our server
  2. Hooking our backend to our database
  3. Testing out our API

So today we’ll be setting up Express.js which is a framework for node.js that helps us quickly create a RESTful API to interact with our database so let’s firstly define some “fancy” nerds gibberish

What’s An API

An application programming interface or an API is a way to allow different programs to talk to each other through…

Welcome back to the series !

So in this article we’re gonna dive into SQL and databases and Postgresql in specific and we’ll cover many useful things about databases and SQL in general so let’s jump right into it

So firstly what is a database ?

A simple google search and from wikipedia to be exact will give you the following answer

A database is an organized collection of data, generally stored and accessed electronically from a computer system. Where databases are more complex they are often developed using formal design and modeling techniques.

In simple terms, a database is…

In this mini-series or whatever you wanna call it, i wanna explain in details how to use the PERN stack to build a fullstack app that’ll be a simple employees registration app where you get to add, view, update and delete employees, i know it doesn’t sound like much fun but trust me the concepts and fundamentals you’re gonna learn along the way will help you in future projects of any “CRUD” nature

What Does PERN Stand For ?

A very basic and expected question to be honest and the answer is quite simple

  • P for Postgres a very common…

OpenCV is the Python implementation of the open source project OpenCV which is the most powerful computer vision library used in major programming languages like Java and C++ to build computer vision based applications like facial detection and facial recognition

What The Heck Is Even Computer Vision ?

Computer vision is a field in computer science that is concerned with the idea of enabling the machine (computer) to see the world like we do in some form and this field is insanely growing and has so many applications in many domains but in this article we’re interested in facial detection…

A while ago i came across probably the best and coolest Python library ever and sadly extremely underrated, at least when i tried to find resources to learn it because i expected the Python community to be blown away by it so in this article we’ll learn more about this magic library

What Is Streamlit And Why?

Streamlit is a library that allows you WITH VERY MINIMUM amount of code to create fully functioning data driven apps on the web

What really caught me off guard is how insanely easy and tremendously powerful it is, with less than 10 lines…

I like to read on Wikipedia a lot and also i happen to be a very lazy person but sometimes i wanna find out about a certain topic or person, I know how fun it is to automate tasks so why don’t we make a Wikipedia bot that will read the article for us….Seriously though it will read with an actual human voice

The idea of automation is such an interesting topic and has endless ideas and i decided to explore it myself and found a problem i personally have and can solve easily with automation so let’s not waste…

In my previous article here i showed how to begin ethical hacking with Python, despite being a very minimal overview it still gave a realistic view on how Python is used in the domain of ethical hacking and penetration testing

So I’ve always been fascinated by hacking scenes in movies and tv shows with those nerds abusing the heck out of their keyboard then be like “I’m in” and those crazy looking output screens in green text so i thought to myself “hmmmmm since Python is so great like that can i find packages to create cool console interfaces?” …

Python is a very easy and powerful general purpose high level programming language with endless domains and a huge community and it’s a major player when it comes to cybersecurity and penetration testing for variety of reasons i am gonna mention

Why Python ?

The language has some major key differences that makes it very much favorable to hacking / cybersecurity enthusiasts and professionals and some of those are *

  1. Easy and readable language : unlike other languages out there such as Java and C++, Python has a very friendly syntax and very close semantics to general English language which…

If you’ve been using Python for a decent amount of time you’ve probably heard of Pandas — The Swiss army knife for data science

At first you might wonder, what can i do with Pandas and why Pandas ? Answer is, you can do limitless things with it when it comes to parsing and extracting data from preexistent data you have as well as other functionalities I’ll briefly get into in a bit

Firstly let’s properly define what Pandas is

Pandas is an open source library that allows you to load and process large amounts of data in different formats…

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